Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aggravating Roommates

So here at the Rehab hospital I have had 5 roommates total. All of them have been great, well, except for this last guy. He is such a fucking asshole. I wish more than his fucking knee would have shattered. He is basically running his fucking business out of the room and he has had fucking meetings in here. He just had me turn my fucking tv off because HE wanted to go to bed. No other person has had one fucking problem with me. I am a nice guy. I keep things quiet over in my side but all he does is intrude on my fucking life over here.

I usually don't use many expletives when I write but this fucker just fills me with rage. Oh now he is bitching because my computer is keeping him awake. There is a fucking curtain between us he cant see a fucking thing over here. I cant here my fucking tv over his constant fucking talking but if I turn it up to a reasonable level all I ever fucking here is "Can you turn that down?" NO FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING JACK OFF I HOPE YOU  OD ON YOUR FUCKING PAIN MEDICINE YOU PIECE OF SHIT. Bitch about your retard son that flunked college, the fucker sounds like he is too stupid to know where his dick is. Fuck your whole snobby conservative catholic family. If there were a god, I would hope it were non-christian so he would send all you fuckers to hell.

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